Free LightWave 3D v. 10 demo :
(VoluMedic demo requires an installation of LightWave trial- or LightWave full- version)
If you don`t have a full version of LightWave 3D please download the free trial!

Free VoluMedic v. 3.0 demo (5,7 MB) :
VoluMedic 3.0 demo requires a full version of LightWave 3D v. 9.6 or 10.x !
VoluMedic 3.0 demo is available in 32bit or 64bit. Please select the version you want.

This Demo version does not require a dongle or license key to run, but it has limitations
- The Save Panel for VoluMedic's own file format has been removed. This effectively prevents the saving of scenes made with the demo. However importing etc. will work fine.
- The Export panel has been removed.
- The Mesh Creation panel has been removed (users can use the solid display modes to get a taste of VoluMedics mesh creation without being able to save meshes).
- The Renderer renders with a checkerboard watermark, simillar to LightWave's Discovery edition.






VoluMedic installation tutorial video (10,7 MB) :
This video shows how VoluMedic has to be installed. If you have any queries or need any help at all with installing our software please contact our support team. We`ll give you a free callback.
Download STL plugin for LightWave 3D:
(External link to Chrome Cow)
Thorax dataset (27,4 MB) :
Format: *.vol (zip file in VoluMedic file Format)
Source: CT Data imported from DICOM file, 512x109x352 at 32 bit
Vienna University of Technology (external link): link to TU vienna datasets

NIFTI datasets (external link):

link to NIFTI datasets