VoluMedic® is a suite of tools for LightWave3D®, the award winning 3D animation software by NewTek Inc.
VoluMedic and LightWave3D form a software package capable of loading, manipulating, measuring, animating, and rendering volumetric data. VoluMedic is independent from any source such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, 3D ultrasound, PET, SPECT, digital microscopy and more

VoluMedic is flexible enough to be used for:
- film, video, illustration, advertising
- forensic animation
- life sciences
- medical visualization
- material science, non destructive testing
- documentation

VoluMedic Plugin

Supported fileformats:
DICOM (with DICOMDIR support), RAW (single- and multi- slice), ANALYZE, REK and NIFTI (except NIFTI- .gz files).
Alias (.als), RLA24/32 (.rla), BMP24/32(.bmp), Cineon FP (.cin), OpenEXR (.exr), PCX(.pcx), PICT (.pct), PNG24/32 (.png), Photoshop24/32, Radiance (.hdr), SGI24/32/48/64 (.rgb), SUN24/32 (.sun), TGA24/32, TIFF24/32/FP (.tif), VPB (.vpb), YUV (.yuv), Flexible Format (.flx), IFF ILBM 24/32 (.iff).
More image formats can be added via 3rd party plugins.

VoluMedic does not discriminate between modalities such as Computer Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), 3D Ultrasound (3DUS), PET, SPECT or Digital Microscopy. Any volume data can be rendered (provided it is in a regular grid).

Volume Objects:
VoluMedic allows an unlimited number of volume objects in a scene (only limited by available memory). There can even be multiple versions of the same object but with different appearance settings in a single scene. Objects can be easily cloned and rendered side by side, while using different render modes such as Volume, X-Ray and Solid modes.

Objects can be moved, rotated, stretched, squashed and so on. All of these operations can be animated.
The appearance can be adjusted via interactively scale- and shift- able multi- key- gradient (ramp) textures for opacity and color, as well as freely adjustable sliders for Luminosity, Diffuse, Specularity, Glossiness, Shading Softness, Color Highlights and more.

Various settings for ROI Masks, interpolation, rendering optimization and detail complete the available options.

Data Segmentation:
VoluMedic offers various segmentation tools.
The easiest method is a simple transfer function texture map, implemented via LightWave's intuitive Gradient (ramp) Texture maps. It allows the mapping of opacity values to density values. Multiple texture layers can be stacked and blended in animations.

Further, VoluMedic offers a 3D Magic Wand tool to create a region of interest or Selection Mask. This mask can be saved and manipulated like any other volume dataset in VoluMedic. ROI Masks can be used for rendering and volume measurement.

A unique way to manipulate data is offered by VoluMedic's patented Volume Painting tools. They work much like the tools in modern painting applications such as Adobe Photoshop, but in 3D. They provide an excellent tool for the removal of artifacts or for the most complex segmentation tasks.

In addition to the above methods, VoluMedic also offers clipping (Bounding) objects. These can be in the shape of boxes, spherical shapes as well as cylindrical. Multiple bounding objects can be combined to make complex shapes. All bounding objects can be fully animated (position, rotation, scale, stretch, etc).

VoluMedic mask selection
VoluMedic Painting
VoluMedic BBox Segmentation
Bounding Objects

Rendering and Display
VoluMedic 3.0 has several options for viewing and rendering the data, both in 2D and 3D.
VoluMedic's software renderer which was already highly regarded for delivering visual effects quality images, seamlessly integrates into LightWave's own renderer. In VoluMedic 3.0 it got even better and faster thanks to new optimizations and several new render quality levels that deliver much better results, while significantly cutting down rendertimes.
VoluMedic 3.0 fully supports the new stereoscopic render options as well as the Interactive Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR) in LightWave 10 making the software renderer fully interactive (progressive refinement).
VoluMedic 3.0 also offers a much more accurate OpenGL preview using GPU raycasting, instead of the old texture based method. The new GPU raycasting based OpenGL preview delivers higher frame rates while offering a quality very close to the final software rendering and the texture based method allows for anaglyph stereoscopy in the OpenGL Viewports.

2D slices are now displayed directly inside the OpenGL Viewports using one of 3 coordinate systems(Dataset, Object and World).

VoluMedic GPU and CPU renderer comparison
GPU / CPU rendering
Measurement Tools:
VoluMedic 3.0 has a set of measurement tools for volume, porosity, distance and angle measurements. The results can be sent to a SQLite database at the click of a button. From there they are automatically written to a fully customizable CSV- table. The CSV- format is widely supported and can be loaded by applications such as Microsoft Excel and Calc (Open Office).

VoluMedic3 measurement

Automatic and manual orientation:
Tools for automatic, semi- automatic and manual pre- orientation of volume data. This is particularly important if data always has to be aligned the same way for reliable measurement and analysis. Reoriented data is correctly resliced and displayed in realtime in the 2D and 3D Views.
VoluMedic currently comes with two filters. Gaussian and Median. These filters are perfect for removal of disturbing noise and to soften datasets..

Mesh/Surface Object Creation:
VoluMedic offers tools for the creation of polygonobjects from volumetric objects. These can later be manipulated in LigtWave`s Modeler and/or exported to other applications such as e.g. CAD Applications or WRML or Shockwave 3D files.
Please click here for a VRML file demonstrating a possible application of this feature.

Mesh created from VoluMedic volume file
Mesh Creation
32Bit and 64 Bit version:
Every license includes both a 32 bit and a 64 bit version! The size of datasets is only limited by the amount of available system RAM.
Please check the VoluMedic preview video in the training section for a screenrecording-video showing VoluMedic v. 3.0 in action or download a free demo