What are the minimum requirements?   What are the recommended requirements?
System Processor:   System Processor:
Intel Pentium III or highter   Intel Core i7 920 or higher
AMD Athlon or highter    
System RAM:   System RAM:
2048 MB   8192 MB or more
300 MB avilable hard drive space (not including content)   500 GB available hard drive space
Graphics Card:   Graphics Card:
Full Open OpenGL 2.0 and DirectX support   NVIDIA GTX 460 or higher with latest driver version installed.
256MB onboard dedicated RAM per display   2048 MB (or more) on board dedicated RAM
1280x768 minimum screen resolution   1920x1080 or higher screen resolution
Note: Full OpenGL 2.0 support is required for shaded OpenGL hardware rendering.   Note: Full OpenGL 2.0 support is required for shaded OpenGL hardware rendering.
    VoluMedic is best used with a Dual Monitor display.
Operating System:   Operating System:
WIN 2K (Sp3), WIN XP (Sp2), WIN XP64 (SP1), Vista (32 or 64), Win 7   MS XP professional 64 bit, Vista 64bit (Ultimate) or Win 7 (Ultimate 64bit)
TCP/IP Network Protocol Installed    
Software:   Software:
LightWave 3D v. 9.6 or v. 10 (32bit or 64 bit version)   LightWave 3D v. 10 (64 bit version)
What image formats does VoluMedic support for volumetric data:
Delux RLA, Alias, BMP24, BMP32, CineonFP, Jpeg, PCX, Pict24, Pict32, Png24, Png32, Photoshop24, Photoshop32, RLA24, RLA32, Radiance (HDRI), SGI24, SGI32, SGI48, SGI64, Sun24, Sun32, Tga24, Tga32, Tiff24, Tiff32, Tiff Log LUV, YPB, YUV, Flexible File Format, Iff 24, Iff 32
Can VoluMedic be used for virtual endoscopies?
Yes, you can use VoluMedic for virtual endoscopies
Can I use VoluMedic for non medical visualization?
Yes, in contrast to other solutions on the market, VoluMedic ist flexible enough to be used with any kind of volumetric data.
Can I render geometry and volumetric data at the same time?
Can I use VoluMedic as a replacement for LightWave`s Hypervoxels?
Yes, to some extent, however procedural textures and particle systems are currently not supported.
Can I load and render multiple datasets at once?