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Today CT data is shedding light on a wide diversity of natural samples, from the tunnels created by living wood boring larvae inside a piece of wood, to the inner structure of the claws of a velociraptor fossil. Micro CT scanners allow the analysis of micron sized specimen and MRI scanners bring the ability to watch organs operate in vivo.
Volumedic 3.5 is a tool that gives biologists the ability to create scientifically accurate and photorealistic 3D pictures and animations of volumetric data (from medical or micro CTs, as well as MRIs and other modalities, down to histological cuts). Such images and movies are typically used in peer-reviewed publications and professional presentations.
Lightwave's heritage lies in the professional 3D graphics and movie industry, yet Volumedic 3.5 gives biologists unique access to this professional 3D animation package by providing file support to read a wide range of file formats such as DICOM, ANALYZE, NIFTI and REK.
VoluMedic also offers a range of accurate measurement tools to numerically and statistically evaluate the volumetric image data imported from these files. VoluMedic's mesh creation tools, paired with LightWave's skeletal animation tools, inverse kinematics and soft and hardbody dynamics systems allow the simulation and visualization of the functionality of scanned organs, bones, muscles and other structures.

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