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The image analysis and visualization tools that have followed the rapid development of new medical imaging technologies have led to a better understanding of organ structure and functions in human health and disease.
Todays plastic-, reconstructive- or dental- surgery is the combination of various surgical skills and techniques.
VoluMedic offers a toolkit for the accurate simulation and pre- visualization of surgery, restorations and abutments, which is highly valuable for training surgeons and informing patients about the planned procedures and the expected results.
VoluMedic offers photorealistic volume rendering of CT data imported from DICOM, ANALYZE and NIFTI files in addition to tools for the creation of meshes from teeth and facial bones. Meshes created by VoluMedic, or matching models of crowns and implants created using the modeling tools, can be exported to popular CAD software for further processing or directly to CNC and rapid prototyping machines via DXF and STL* files.

*STL export requires free 3rd party plugin.

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