Medical illustration and animation
Xray rendered from CT   Blood flow simulation   Femur animation   VoluMedic 3.0 provides a new, extended tool set for the medical illustrator to effectively create informative illustrations from typical clinical data acquisitions, such as MR, CT, and PET datasets, allowing the use of actual patient data instead of the canonical medical dataset. These actual case studies in pathology and phenotypic variance are more relevant to clinical and research pursuits than paragons.
VoluMedic loads medical imaging data from a wide range of file formats such as DICOM, ANALYZE. NIFTI, IIS/REK and Raw files, as well as any series of images supported by LightWave, opening many (often free) data sources to the medical illustrator.VoluMedic automatically turns this data into volumetric objects, which can then be visualized using VoluMedic's excellent volume renderers to create stunning results that are very difficult to achieve using traditional illustration techniques. VoluMedic's mesh creation tools allow the conversion of volume data into polygonal geometry that can then be edited, surfaced, rendered and animated using LightWave's Emmy award winning set of tools for the simulation and visualization of the functionality of scanned organs, bones, muscles and other structures.
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