Material science and non destructive testing
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Todays micro and nano computer tomographs have provided a new set of tools for mechanical and structural engineers as well as material scientists to non destructively test and analyze how materials behave under different conditions.
They are widely used for testing of cast and sintered materials, composites and foams, but also for the analysis of organic samples such as woods.
VoluMedic offers high quality volume rendering and many tools to accurately visualize, inspect and analyze even large sets of data acquired from IIS/REK, DICOM, ANALYZE and RAW files.
By using VoluMedic 3.5 with such data, the distribution of components, pores, cavities and tears can be visualized and inspected three dimensionally at microscopic precision, without having to destroy the actual test- sample.
CAD data can be imported and visualized with the scanned volumetric data for direct comparison. VoluMedic 3.5 also offers tools to convert volumetric data into polygonal data that can then be exported to CAD applications via DXF or STL*files or further processed using LightWaves excellent Modeler.
In addition to the visual inspection VoluMedic 3.5 also offers tools for evaluation, quantification and analysis through the measurement of lengths, angles, volume and porosity. Results can be stored in a SQLite database and exported to a CSV- table for use in Microsoft Excel and similar software.

*STL export requires free 3rd party plugin.

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