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Any neuroimager faces the challenge to communicate scientific results accurately, compellingly and effectively. Volumedic 3.0 is a tool that gives neuroimagers the ability to create scientifically accurate and photorealistic 3D pictures and animations of volumetric data (e.g. structural and functional MRI). Such images and movies are typically used in peer-reviewed publications and professional presentations. Because of the accurate volumetric rendering provided by Volumedic and the professional-grade animations tools available in Lightwave, the images and movies created using Volumedic appear more realistic and visually appealing that those created in other software packages. Lightwave is typically used in the professional 3D graphics and movie industry, yet Volumedic 3.0 gives neuroimagers unique access to this professional 3D animation package by providing file support to read in DICOM, ANALYZE and uncompressed NIFTI files. Support for these file types allow you to import your data into Lightwave in any phase of the data analysis process, from unprocessed DICOM data to highly processed statistical activation maps that are typically stored in NIFTI format. Last but not least, Volumedic has an enthusiastic and dedicated team that will support you with your visualization needs of neuroimaging data.

Niels M. van Strien, PhD*.,

*) Niels van Strien declares no competing financial interests.

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