VoluMedic Training
VoluMedic installation tutorial video (10,7 MB) :
This video shows how VoluMedic has to be installed. If you have any question please contact our support team.
VoluMedic Standard Object Type Tutorial:
A tutorial giving a quick introduction on how to use the standard object type in VoluMedic 3.5.

Logo from Image using VoluMedic 3.5/CE:
This tutorial shows how you can create a perfectly smoothed and beveled logo from a simple greyscale image, using VoluMedic CE or VoluMedic 3.5

VoluMedic Logo Animation:
VoluMedic's new "Complex" object type:
Short tutorial video showing how to use the "Complex" Object type in VoluMedic 3.5 and VoluMedic CE (Creative Edition).
This new Object type is a bit more complicated to use and also renders a bit slower than the standard object type, but also much more powerful. You can now texture all channels with all texture types, including procedurals and image maps (projected mapping only).

Volume Painting Sculpting with VoluMedic:
Volume Painting Sculpting with VoluMedic.

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