VoluMedic for LightWave 3D

Our flag ship product is a suite of tools for LightWave3D®, the award winning 3D animation software by NewTek Inc.
VoluMedic and LightWave3D combined form a software package capable of loading, manipulating, measuring, animating, and rendering volumetric data from a wide array of sources.
Visual Effects Quality Rendering

VoluMedic delivers visual effects quality rendering that has been production tested and studio approved. It has been used for TV Shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigators and Inside the Living Body. If you want the highest possible visual quality, there is no alternative to VoluMedic.

CPU and GPU rendering

VoluMedic's CPU raycaster is fully integrated with LightWave's native renderer. It is blazing fast and produces stunning results. In addition to this, VoluMedic offers GPU raycasting at near final render quality. Both CPU and GPU renderers can be interactively displayed in LightWave's viewports.

Diverse Import File Format Support

VoluMedic can load volume data from DICOM, Analyze, Fraunhofer EZRT (*rek), RAW and any one of the many file formats supported by LightWave natively (image series). Use volumetric data from a wide range of sources, such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, 3D ultrasound, PET, SPECT, digital microscopy, histology and more.

Seamless integration of multiple volumes and polygon based geometry

VoluMedic allows rendering multiple overlapping volumetric datasets and even  volumes and polygons sharing the same space. All volumetric objects can be fully animated with LightWave's animation tools.

Array of segmentation tools

VoluMedic offers a large array of segmentation tools. From simple transfer functions for opacity and color to masks created using watershed, erosion, dilation, inclusion and even painting. All can be applied both in 2D and 3D viewports.


VoluMedic offers filters for the reduction of artifacts and noise.

Measure and Analyze

VoluMedic comes with a set of measurement tools like Distance, Angle, Volume and Porosity. Results can be saved to a database and are exported to a .CSV file for statistical analysis.
Automatic orientation of samples.

Mesh Conversion

VoluMedic allows the conversion of volume data into polygon meshes for further processing in LightWave's modeling tools and export to a wide array of file formats, including STL for 3D Printing.

VoluMedic 3.0 Promo Video

Learn more about VoluMedic and watch a short promo video showing some of the above features in action.

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