VoluMedic for LightWave

VoluMedic for LightWave is an add- on for the fully featured Emmy award winning 3D animation software LightWave 3D. It is the best product for those that seek visual effects quality rendering and the maximum control over the final result.

VoluMedic Standalone 

VoluMedic Standalone is a quick and easy to use viewer for volumetric data from DICOM and Fraunhofer EZRT (REK). It offers interactive high quality volume rendering and a range of measurement tools. Because it relies solely on the CPU, it can be easily virtualized and cloud deployed. Customization of the Viewer is possible upon client request (see software development services).

VoluMedic Software Development Services

VoluMedic LLC offers custom volume rendering software development for interested parties. Whether your need rendering on the CPU or the GPU, we have the right solution for you. We have developed renderers for FDA cleared medical imaging software and a full, cloud deployed application (based on our standalone viewer) for the NIH Lungmap project.

Custom Visualization and Processing of your Volumetric Data

VoluMedic LLC offers custom processing and visualization of volumetric data. This can range from rendered images and videos to fully interactive presentations and conversion of volume data to 3D- printable meshes and OVDB.

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